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The Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies promotes many services; these include job opportunities, the latest news, information on conferences in the field, publications, as well as a Membership Directory.

Founded in 1988 to promote the study of the history of science in Islamic Societies

The Commission on the History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies is made up of scholars throughout the world who are dedicated to understanding the multifaceted historical role of science within an Islamic context. The Commission is part of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science.

Founded in the 1980s, we now have 145 members from over 28 countries.

This website was conceived originally as serving our members, specifically as a means of communicating with each other(via its listserve) and keeping abreast of the latest research in our various fields (which include mathematics, astronomy, technology, medicine, and so on), publications and conferences. Hence our website includes upcoming conferences and job positions as well as a membership directory, publications, and so forth.

 However, we hope that this website will also reach a more general public and provide information for those outside the field.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!