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FRANCE: Gallica: La bibliothè que numérique de la Bibliothè que Nationale de France

Manuscripts & MSS Projects

ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Online Open Access to more than 330 authors; 206,600 documents; 300,000 high resolution images of historical sources; over 240 film sequences of scientific source material; and more than 57,500 full-text page transcription in several languages. They are particularly interested in history of science.

Islamic Mathematics

BIBLIOGRAPHY BY TOPIC OF THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES IN THE MEDIEVAL ISLAMIC WORLD (courtesy of Jeff Oaks). Includes works published in Western Europe languages since 1950.

Islamic Medicine

ISLAMIC MEDICAL MANUSCRIPTS at the National Library of Medicine. For students, the site includes an extensive glossary of medical, scientific, and book-production terminology linked to the text. For advanced scholars, the site provides a catalogue raisonn´┐Ż (including images) from the 300 or so Persian and Arabic manuscripts in the National Library of Medicine. Most of these manuscripts deal with medieval medicine and science and were written for learned physicians and scientists. Some of the manuscripts are richly illuminated and illustrated.


INDIAN BOOKS CENTRE: Publishers and suppliers of books related to Philosophy, Religion (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Christianity), History, Geography, Art, Archaeology, Sociology, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Tibetan, Unani, Yoga and other medicinal therapies. 1000 titles of their own and 50,000 titles of well-known authors and publishers. You can also request rare, out-of-print and other Indian books

Horology in Islam:Compiled by: S. Brentjes, M. Comes, B. Hashemipour, A. Y. al-Hassan,
D. King, J. Samsó and R. K. Schwartz