Islamic Science

Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies

2019 Belfast Conference

On June 12, CHOSTIS organized a panel at the annual conference of Scientiae (,which was in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The panel was entitled  “Scientific Exchange with Europe in the Ottoman Empire and Iran” and was chaired by Dr. Margaret Gaida of the University of Oklahoma.

The speakers were:

Robert Morrison (Bowdoin), “Astrology and Averroism in the works of Moses Galeano (d. after 1542)”

Salim Ayduz (Manchester), “Sultan Mehmed II, his contemporary scholars and their respective roles in the advancement of Ottoman science”

Amir-Mohammad Gamini and Reza Aghaei (Tehran), “Reception of early modern European astronomy by Iranian religious élites”

(Professors Gamini and Aghaei were unable to secure visas and their paper was read by Robert Morrison)

For more information about the conference, including abstracts, please see